Everyone is looking for Christmas. We get to spend joyful moments with our family and friends, it’s a cozy and magical experience, and there’s no other holiday to compare with it.

It’s also time to exchange gifts, cook delicious meals and also play games. Games are a great way to add to the Christmas cheer, and here’s one I know I definitely want to try!

What makes this saran wrap more beautiful is how easy and simple it is. All you need is a roll of saran wrap you can buy at your local grocery store, small prizes, a set of dice, and of course, most importantly, your loved ones.

What you choose as gifts is entirely up to you. They can range from candies and small treats, to more expensive gadgets, to cash.

Prepare the ball

  1. Prepare the game before your guests arrive: Gather all your prizes and the roll of saran wrap.
  2. First grab your most valuable gift and start wrapping it in several layers of the saran wrap.
  3. Without cutting the wrap, set down the next gift and do the same. Continue to do this until all your prizes are covered in several layers of saran wrap and you’ve shaped a large, “saran wrap ball.”

How to play:

  1. Gather your loved ones around the ball and grab a set of dice.
  2. Have everyone roll the dice until someone gets doubles. They go first.
  3. That person starts unwrapping the big saran wrap ball as fast as they can — any goodies that emerge during their turn, is theirs to keep!
  4. Meanwhile the person next to them keeps rolling until they get doubles.
  5. Once they roll a double, it’s their turn — the previous player hands them the ball and they continue unraveling it, winning, once again, any gifts they manage to unwrap during their turn.
  6. The game ends when the ball is completely unwrapped.

Optional: blindfold the player whose having their turn, or have them wear oven mitts!

Watch the video below for full instructions.

Doesn’t this just sound like a total ball — pun intended! Share with all your friends so that they can discover this increasingly popular game out, too.

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