By now, you shouldn’t be surprised at the idea of a tiny home. Made popular by shows on HGTV, gone are the days people are seeking out massive mansions. Say hello to the dream teeny tiny houses—as in, homes that are typically under 400 square feet in total.

Day by day, tiny houses are becoming more common. while some people don’t like tiny spaces that much, more eople now are getting more interested in this kind of houses because of the cozy, unique design and the cheap costs.

We’ve seen a lot of amazing tiny homes throughout the years, but if you don’t have the resources to build your own from home (or even the money to get one online), one of the coolest parts about tiny homes, we’d have to say, is the fact that you can build them out of, well, anything!

For example, one man named Jack Richens and his girlfriend build their luxurious tiny home out of a regular old camper van. They really got creative with it, even using a row of swivel chairs as car seats and dining room chairs. They face forward when on the road, and pivot backwards during mealtime, creating a makeshift dining room set-up.

But nothing quite beats this tiny home made out of a shipping container. And the best part of all: It can be yours!

Currently available for sale in Texas for just $40,000, this tiny home puts others to shame, measuring at 40′ x 8′ x 9.6′ with an interior of a mere 320 square feet. If you think that’s too small even for a tiny home, guess again: The place is being sold completely furnished.

Best part of all? The home will get delivered to you completely free if you’re within 1,000 miles of Beaumont, Texas. Now that’s what we call a deal! Photos can only do so much—to see the shipping container home for all it’s worth, check out the video below.

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