How to make space heater from flower pots and candles

Winter is here. It is time to reach for the thermostat. For majority of the families, it is easier said than done.

Organizations such as The Low Income Home Energy Assistance and LIHEAP have of been great assistance to many families in California. However, there are still many families that need assistance but they are not eligible for the services.

Worry not! Here is a simple hack. It offers some relief. One man devised a creative way of a DIY space heater.

You will need:

  • Flowerpots (several of them)
  • Bricks
  • Candles

To create the heater, the man uses two terra-cotta pots. They have varying sizes. Secure the small one to the big one using a bolt (51/2” bolt), two hex nuts and four washers. Put them via the holes at the base.

This is how the space heater works

The candle does not produce much heat.  The heat floats upwards towards the ceiling. The dispersed heat is trapped in the pots. The heat stays in the pot for hours.

Following the suggestions from his fans, he tried a different version that includes a fan at the top. It helps to redirect the heat.

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