If there’s something everybody really wants, it’s the fresh smell of a room or house. It’s not uncommon to see people working out wads of cash just to keep their rooms smelling fresh. But this kind of thing can sometimes prove to be a little bit expensive. Is there a way out? YES!

Now that your attention is drawn here, let’s talk about air fresheners. These things can be bought from stores, and they can cost you quite some bucks. But does it really have to be that way? Before I say NO, I’ll let you decide after introducing you to this cool video right here. You’re about to learn something really great!

Did you know that you can actually “manufacture” your own air freshener right at your own home, and using the most available resources? You’re about to!

Get some baking soda, a mason jar, a knife, a cloth, and some Essential Oil (we prefer lavender), and then watch this video and get amazed by what you can do. After this, you’ll never spend cash on an air freshener!

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