In respect to the calendar, winter season may not be here until December 21. However, the season of snowfall and frost has without a doubt arrived. It indicates discussions revolving on one matter: the climate and how to endure it.

Even if you love chilliness and snowstorm, there is one feature of the chill climate that is sure to drive everyone mad: ice-covered car windows. Visibility is essential to the car and driving safety, this, therefore, will reduce the vehicle visibility.

Nevertheless, there is nothing bad than rolling out of your warm and realizing you have to do some manual labor. It even gets worse if you are late. All we need is a quick solution that makes it simple. Fortunately, we have Ken Weathers solution.

Ken Weathers is a meteorologist with Knoxville, he shows us his top secret for getting morning ice off your car. Watch the video below.


Two parts rubbing/isopropyl alcohol

1-part water

Mix the two, and you will have a simple DIY ice-fighting spew. Spray your frosty windshield windows any time you need to defrost them. It works, in an instance. This is due to the low freezing point of isopropyl alcohol.

Ken reminds us not to pour hot water on an ice-covered cold window as it will cause cracks.

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